Olympiad programme


  • It takes learning beyond the class room
  • In Collaboration with ERUDEX this programme assists students to study for the JEE/NEET, NTSE & other Olympiad exams. This platform focuses on developing student’s knowledge in STEM subjects.
  • Animated video lessons, quizzes, and interactive study material, help the students engage in learning and study at their own pace.
  • Online Tests & Assessments

    Question bank is made with 5,00,000+ questions. We can create tests, assignments, worksheets in minutes using our ready made question bank. Our assessments test the performance of individual students, the overall progress of the Class, engaging improved out comes.

  • Dashboard

    Our Dashboard generates,

    i) Individual performance report
    ii) Rank Analysis
    iii) Class performance and subject wise performance reports which are designed to deliver better outcomes by empowering all stake holders.