Inter House


At SRI SANKALP OLYMPIAD SCHOOL , we have an array of scholastic competitions both internal and external which provide a platform for our students to develop the confidence to present their academic skills and strengths which includes


Sankalp’S Meticulous Interactive Language Evaluation is a Unique program for flawless and appealing communicative skills.Orel English Language Lab includes Exhibitions, seminars, projects, presentations, debates, Elocutions and literacy contests which are the mediums of wholesome development.


Junior Ramanujam and Math Bee :

enhances the mathematical aptitude and analytical skills.

Science Exhibition /workshops

stimulates scientific Temperament.

Spell Buzz Contests

Enables to power bank ample vocabulary and become eloquent , fluent and silver-Tongued.

Battle of Brains

Battle of Brains is an exclusive G.K. contest which boosts up competitive spirit and keeps the students informative and updated with the current issues in the world